So, you signed up as an Ambassador, thought you resigned and SURPRISE!  There's that $34.95 annual fee billed to your credit card a year later!  Wow, no wonder it "appears" they are growing.

Or maybe you were charged for product you never received or tried to return an order to receive your money back as advertised in their "60 day money back guarantee".  

Then you try to contact customer service.  WHAT CUSTOMER SERVICE?   IF you get any response at all, it's the ole "we've had a computer upgrade" excuse they've been using for over a year.  

You are NOT ALONE!  I hear this everyday and there IS something you can do about it!

If we all sit back and do nothing this type of "business practice" continues.  Take action to stop this nightmare!

1.  Contact the FTC!

Federal Trade Commission

FTC is a federal organization set up to protect consumers. With input from consumers and the public, the FTC can help prevent fraud, deceptionunfair and anticompetitive business practices in the marketplace.

2. Contact the Better Business Bureau!

Better Business Bureau

The complaints:

Scammed, April 2016: I called the company for a refund and they told me that since it had been more than a week since I received the product they could not give me a refund. I had been out of town and the package set at my doorstep for several days before I opened it. That didn't matter to these greedy people, they refused a refund under any circumstances even when I explained to them that I never wanted to sell it and didn't know I had been signed up as an Ambassador meant I had to also sell it.

Meredith, April 2016:   I spent around $150 of which I now see I will never get back! Plexus worked for my sister, mom, and others, but they were taking something different than I was.If you are afraid of plexus not working but you decided to try any way bc of their money back guarantee, don’t do it!!!!!! YOU WILL NEVER GET IN TOUCH WITH ANYONE TO GET YOUR MONEY BACK AND THAT’S THE WAY THEY WANT IT!!!!  Plexus will never get my money again, and I only hope they haven’t done this too many times and they won’t ever do it again! Spread the word so they will stop doing this!!!! DON’T LET PLEXUS GET AWAY WITH RIPPING PEOPLE OFF WITH FALSE HOPE OF MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!!!!

RW:  May 2016:   My Plexus experience has been a nightmare. My first order that took WEEKS to be delivered, but they sure as heck took my money immediately. Now, I did receive it and then a really nice note from the President giving me a percentage off, THAT WAS EXTENDED TO EVERY CUSTOMER! Last month, I went in to my auto-ship to change my order. I wanted to try a different product. NEVER SHIPPED. NOTHING. Until of course this month, they charge my bank account, it ships, will take days to get here and so I cancel and will Return it to Sender. BUT, my refund will take 3-5 business days AFTER they receive the returned product. SO I'M OUT $150 FOR 7-10 DAYS, OR MORE. Plexus, I'm one unhappy person - and will make sure everyone I come in contact that wants to take it, knows.

PR:  May 2016:  I received two (2) charges - each $231.21, from this company on my bank account this morning. I've never even heard of them. I filed a claim with my bank and my local police department. This is absurd and inconvenient as nearly $500, is held up under investigation. As soon as I seen the name on my bank account, I went online to look up what this company was. I don't order any type of their products so, I don't even know how they got my card number. Hopefully the police and my bank will get to the bottom of this fraudulent company and these absurd charges. BEWARE if your a legitimate customer.

SW:  May 2016:  Signed up as an ambassador because my wifes friends told her it worked, after 3 months and almost 500$ she decided it wasn't worth the expense so I "tried" to cancel by calling and emailing only getting automated responses. I finally had to cancel my debit card to get them to stop billing me. To me is a scam but that's only my opinion.

Jessica May 20016:   I am very disappointed with the lack of customer service in this business. 1. For two solid weeks I have tried calling customer service, at which they would not answer my call. I would be directed to an automated message stating "Because of high call volumes we can't take your call". 2. I've message the company multiple times with NO response. 3. I am currently on the phone and have been on hold for 30 minutes now...with no end in sight. There has been absolutely NO customer service involved and I will never do business with Plexus Worldwide again. I will warn anybody involved with this company of the poor (non existent) customer service that is offered.

Audrey L April 2016: Ordered Plexus products March 18, 2016. My credit card was charged $145.00 for the product. I never received the order as of 4/12/16. I called a week prior and the agent on the phone after waiting an hour on hold told me he did not know where my order was. I waited another week today, 4/12/16 and called again and the gal put me on hold again after waiting 45 minutes on hold and told me the order still had not left Scottsdale. I requested a cancellation of the product and a full refund on my order. She filled the request and then informed me it would be 7-10 business days for my refund to be returned. Please be aware. They are disorganized and not helpful in the least. Hopefully I will see my refund.

Kim S: April 2016: I signed up to be an ambassador, but now regret my decision. I would not feel good about recommending this company to anyone I know. I placed an order on 3/29/16. I received a package on 4/6/16 but it contained someone else's order and packing slip. The value of what was mistakenly shipped to me was significantly less than what I actually ordered and paid for. In addition to that, the amount of sales tax charged on my order was a lot higher than it should've been. After realizing that, I checked the tax on my previous order and it was also wrong. I have sent several emails (with no response), and tried to call several times (with no answer). I am very frustrated with the complete disregard for customer service.

JS April 2016: I have tried for over 8 months to contact Plexus Worldwide Customer Service, I've been put on hold for over 45 minutes each time with no one answering my call. I have also sent at least 20 emails to cancel my membership with no response either. This company will keep billing your card simply by changing their routing numbers so that they look like a different company than the one that you have blocked as being fraudulent. They just charged me again after 4 months of nothing and no product and also have a pending charge on my account. You have to close your account or cancel your card in order to get any results from this company. Do Not Set up auto ship with this company, it will be your worst nightmare if you want to cancel it.
SB April 2016: Absolutely the worst customer service I have ever experienced. No one ever answers customer calls or emails. They received my return products back two weeks ago and I'm still waiting on a refund.

TB April 2016: My wife ordered Plexus Worldwide products through a family member who is an "ambassador" for the company. The products she used included Plexus Slim, Bio Cleanse, Pro Bio 5 and Plexus Boost. The monthly fee for the triplex plan (Plexus Slim, Bio Cleanse & Pro Bio 5) is roughly $120.00 a month (per person) plus an annual fee of $34.95. My wife saw no results after using the products and, in fact, developed an increased number of headaches. My wife decided to cancel future orders that were on an auto shipment plan. Despite numerous attempts to cancel, our credit card is still being improperly billed. Plexus International offers a "60 day money back guarantee" if the consumer is not satisfied with the product(s) and the company boasts only a 1% return rate on their products. Following my wife's negative experiences, I decided to research Plexus International and found several online complaints filed by customers who were unsatisfied with the products and or the billing and business practices of Plexus International. Several of the complaints included improperly billing and involved customers who were ignored when they tried to obtain a refund under the "60 day money back guarantee". I also discovered Plexus Worldwide received a warning letter from the FDA concerning false or misleading advertising practices. In April of 2015, a consumer filed a lawsuit against Plexus Worldwide in California following the discovery of lead in some of the company's products. While some customers feel they see results after using these products, many others see nothing at all. Plexus Worldwide's business practices are "shady" to say the least. My motivation in filing this complaint is to protect future unwitting consumers who are duped into false promises of better health and are bilked out of their hard earned money.

TY April 2016: Placed my first order on March 23. My CC was charged on 3/25. On 3/29 i received an email stating "Your order Order # 82325896 is ready for pick up or has shipped and should arrive within three (3) to five (5) business days from the shipping date for continental US orders". I kept checking the tracking number and it just kept showing only a label created. My Ambassador called and checked. Today 4/4 I checked the tracking # again and it says " April 4, 2016 Pre-Shipment Info Sent to USPS The U.S. Postal Service was electronically notified by the shipper on April 4, 2016 to expect your package for mailing. This means almost two weeks after my order was placed the package still has not shipped. I have attempted to call them two times only to be in the queue for 20+ minutes both times, all while being told what a valuable customer I am. I was able to go online and cancel my recurring shipment, however since you can't return product without an RA#, I won't even attempt to return it, if I ever receive it. I do not recommend doing business with this company, the Ambassadors seem to have their hearts in the right place, but the company itself is horrible.

EB April 2016: Signed up with a colleague who was promoting this. For me, product did not really work though I gave it a good attempt. My problem is their business practices. I tried to cancel for 4 months. Canned messages for email response. No one picked up the phone. I could not get them to cancel and received no response but another shipment and a charge to my credit card. I went back to my colleague who promised. Resolution but I still got another shipment and charge. I have put a hold with credit card company for Plexus. Do NOT buy anything from this company!!!

MW April 2016: This company is a scam, they only let you try the product if you sign up with an auto billed back order and if you want to cancel it takes them forever to do it. I cancelled my order 4 days ago and today they shipped it. Now I have to go through the trouble of returning it because 4 days was not enough time for them to stop shipment. I regret ever wanting to try this product.

Carrie March 2016: This company has trouble customer service....waited on hold for over a total of 6 hours to speak to a human....then when I did I got incorrect information. They take your money before they send you their product but when you send it back they can now take up to 30 days to make a refund :-(

Amanda March 2016: On March 19, 2016 I ordered two products from Plexus World Wide, Boost and Plexus Slim Drink, and was charge for both (total of $109.98). On March 23, 2016 I recieved a package in the mail from Plexus that only contained the Boost Product. I reviewed the tracking number and it showed all products had been recieved at my address. I called Plexus World Wide that day (3/23/16) to see why I had not recieved the Plexus Slim Drink I ordered, and was charged, but could never get anyone to answer. Since that time, I have called at least four more time only to be placed on hold (I have not spoke to a person, only automated system) for over 20 minutes at a time. The number for their customer service in ************ but no one ever answers. I have also emailed their customer support at ********************** twice to complain that I was charged over $75.00 for a product I never recieved. I still have not recieved a response from Plexus World Wide. I will try to dispute the charge with my bank since I can not get ahold of anyone at this company regardless of the attempts to contact Plexus World Wide's Customer support. This is very poor customer care and I would like my money back for the product I never recieved.

DM March 2016: First 4 orders went well. Decided to cancel, this is where the issues began. Despite cancelling we have been billed every month for the next 6 months regardless of us cancelling. We finally had discover reject all chrgess. What a nightmare.

Dissappointed March 2016: I am totally disappointed and heartbroken with Plexus. The way this business is being ran is totally unacceptable. A website change went into effect in October and it has been a nightmare. You can't get thru on the phone lines. You can't get a response from email. You can't get your products thru the mail in any kind of timely manner or at all. You can't get a refund in a timely manner or at all. What seemed to be a nice company with good leaders, now seems like the company from hell and I won't say what I think about the leaders because it is so bad. It's like the ambassadors are trying so hard to get customers that every time I look at facebook I see another gimmick about these products. Like body cream that makes your hair look fabulous....come on! People giving this stuff to their pets! People being healed from cancer and fibromyalgia and sugar diabetes. PLEASE....STOP THE MADDNESS!!! Do these people has no compliance? Can they just say anything about these products. How do they stay in business with this horrible service?

CD March 2016: I tried Plexus and did not experience any of the results they claimed. So as per their policy I tried to get a refund. I called every day, day after day after day, at various times and sat on hold for hours no one ever answered. I emailed them and got an auto generated reply that said they had extremely high volume and couldn't get back to me. I think this company is a pyramid scheme to make money but I do not think it does what it claims. I also think that getting your money back takes an extreme process.

JB March 2016: I have been an ambassador for a year and since their upgrade to a new system the shipping area has been the worse. Since 10/15 when the upgrade took place orders placed aren't getting shipped out when needed it now takes weeks to get a shipment. I am waiting on my shipment and a customers shipment from last week no tracking number and when you call customer service they are saying high call volume and hangs up on you. Other months I have sat on hold for over 90 minutes to talk with someone about a shipment. I would email but they don't ever respond to emails. You can't post on their FB page. We have paid for a product and expect it to be ship out within a day or two not when you feel like it. And please don't give me that bs that you are working out the bugs in your new system after 6 months they should be all worked out or get a new IT company to help you.

TH February 2016: This business claims to help it's members and customers, however, even when you cancel orders, they still continuously charge you without your permission. EVEN AFTER YOU CANCEL ORDERS THEY SHOULD NOT CHARGE YOU MONTHS LATER!!!!!! I had cancelled all orders, including autoship orders, and then two and three months later Plexus started re-charging me or the cancelled orders. NOT A GREAT BUSINESS AT ALL!!!! THIS BUSINESS HAS HORRIBLE SERVICE ON ALL LEVELS!!!!!

Anonymous February 2016: I signed on to be a Plexus Ambassador because I needed a good probiotic and magnesium supplement for chronic migraines. Since then I have been extremely disappointed and frustrated with their customer service. 1. They changed their website without giving Ambassadors access to it unless they called customer service. We'll get to that... 2. When calling customer service, I had to wait 2-3 hours, and they still did not answer. I had to call back multiple times over a period of days in order to talk to someone. 3. In the mean time, I tried emailing my complaint. I emailed THREE times and never got a response. At this point I felt like Plexus was a scam! 4. I tried changing all of my personal information online, but apparently I didn't change everything. I changed my address to my current address in the system, but the autoshipment that was previously set up did not include this address change. They charged me for the autoshipment and sent the order to the OLD address. As soon as I noticed this error, I emailed to have them cancel or edit the order. This was within 3 hours of the pending charge. I knew they wouldn't respond, so I called back that next morning as soon as they opened, 6AM. When they picked up, they told me they would not cancel the order (even though it was still pending and I would never get it). They were no help. They told me I could change the address with UPS, but I was never given a tracking number. I even talked to one of the Leads, and she was very rude. I am tired of dealing with their customer service. I cancelled my memborship. It is NOT worth dealing with this company. I will buy my supplements elsewhere.

Dyan February 2016: i tried plexus on the referral of a friend who sold the product and i was told it would help in several of my health/weight concerns. i tried plexus for 2 months and then the nightmare began... i tried canceling my agreement by phone which i could never reach anyone, so i followed the directions and tried to cancel by email. the following month i was billed again so i returned the product and again tried calling and emailing, i received and email saying i had to have an approval to return products. To make a long story short i have been billed for 3 additional months, without product, i cannot get through on the phone, i can not get anyone to answer anymore emails, i was told i would be refunded for all 3 products but now i am told only 2 because time period has gone past refund for 1, that was 3 weeks ago and still no refunds. stay away from this company.

KM February 2016: Thus company has the worst customer service I have experienced! I put in a request to cancel my ambassadorship about a month ago. I never received back a confirmation, even though their email said they'd respond in about 5 business days. After not hearing back and them sending an autoshipment and charging my credit card after my request not to, I emailed them! Gave them about a week to respond, and they never did. I then tried to call and couldn't get anyone to pick up. I tried emailing again, and still have not received a response or confirmation. I want it to STOP and my credit card to stop being charged! I will never recommend this company to anyone!

Elizabeth February 2016: HORRIBLE customer service. Not because of anyone at customer service but because the company does not have enough customer service agents. Try calling for help... on hold for at LEAST 1 hour. No joke. I am on 90min now. Try emailing them... no response for MONTHS. I have been emailing (over and over again) since 11/2015. It is now 02/01/16. STILL no answer! HORRIBLE business. HORRIBLE.

RD January 2016: I tried their product and it did not work for me. Following their published return policy I tried, now for 3 months, either calling and being on hold for as much as 30 minutes only to be cut off, emails everything I can think of to get them to stop the auto shipments, stop charging 140.00 per shipment to my credit card and here we are... another shipment and another charge. Their product does not work. They have no customer service. They will not stop sending you product after you've asked them in writing over half a dozen times. They will not stop illegally charging your account after you have withdrawn your consent for them to. They certainly have not refunded money they charged to my account!
HW January 2016: Extremely difficult to speak with customer service. Plexus will refuse to respond to emails sent to their customer service department. Plexus does not honor requests to terminate services with them.

WE January 2016: Plexus Worldwide continues to send, unwanted and cancelled, subscription products. The automatic subscription was for their powdered Slim Drink, my wife ordered. The product was on special savings one time so she ordered a two month supply to save the next month's expense. The next month the company sent her some pregnancy products instead of the normal powdered drink mix. When she contacted the company she was told she must take a shipment of some product each month (at a cost of over one hundred dollars!). She instructed the operator that she wanted to cancel the membership(?) subscription. They agree, but continue the automatic billing and shipping. Every month since cancelling we get a bill and a shipment. Numerous calls contacting the company have not resolved this continuing problem.

Susan December 2015: I have been trying to reach a representative at Plexus for over a week to cancel my preferred customer auto-ship. I'm not satisfied with the products, but can't get a response to cancel my auto-ship. At this moment, while writing this review, I am currently sitting on hold and have been for nearly an hour. I've sent emails, with no response. I tried logging in online, but there is a development error message, so that was not an option either. Another order is likely to ship to me tomorrow, as I can't get anyone to respond to my cancellation request. I question the integrity of this company's business practices. My next step will be to file a formal complaint with the BBB and the ******** ******* for the State of Arizona. Based on what I have been reading, there is basis for a formal investigation.

DB December 2015: I ordered from this company on what was to be a one time transaction. One month later my account was charged and I received more product that I did not want or order. I sent an email and, aside from a robo-response, never was contacted. One month later, I was charged again. I have cancelled my card and disputed these charges. They have confirmed my doubts about multi-level marketers.

CT  December 2015:  I have been trying to reach a plexus representative for three days now. I have sent numerous e mails and called dozens of times. On one such occasion I was on hold for almost two hours when my phone died. My password was changed on the Plexus website and I am unable to login to my account even after I reset the password. I spend almost $200 a month on these products and have for almost a year and this is the customer service I get? This is unacceptable for any business. I will no longer use or promote Plexus products.

RW  December 2015:  I am so frustrated with plexus right now it's hard to express in words. I am on auto ship for products but can not stop them from shipping and charging my card monthly. There is no way to get in on a call, in fact I was on hold and hour and a half one time. I have sent multiple emails with only a auto response for 2 months but they continue to charge my card. My advice do not give this company your card info what so ever. I'm going to file a law suit against them this week to get them to respond to my cslls and emails.

Melanie  December 2015:  This company has the WORST customer service. I saw no results from the product and have been attempting to get a refund since they have a 60 day refund policy. I've called numerous times and every time I get a message that says to call back later. I've sent numerous emails and haven't gotten the first response. At this rate, it will be past the 60 days before I get a hold of anybody. Maybe that's their plan.

Caroline  December 2015:    Do not order from Plexus company. I tried the plexus slim once and had severe diahhrea for a week. I have been trying to contact them for my refund and have been placed on hold for a lengthy time. I left an email two weeks ago, with no response. All I want is my refund. Do not try this product. Do your research first. I will share my experience on ******** and the internet until I receive my refund!!!! I am still on hold for a customer representative.

JI  December 2015:  I take it very seriously to write a bad review about a company, because I do not like to hurt good companies. This one is not one of those. I ordered a trial of Plexus since my neighbor had become a rep. I did not enroll in their auto enrollment program as I just wanted to try it. It didn't really do anything for me. Well, the next month, I received an automatic shipment - I thought, well, let me try it just one more month. No weight loss. I then received another supply unsolicited. I contacted my neighbor/broker -she just told me to login and cancel. I couldn't login - their website won't let you reset your password at all. I sent numerous emails to customer service - the one time I got a response, I had to log in to their site to read it - which I couldn't! Hours spent on hold. I have $400 worth of product I want to return, but can't get anyone to talk to me. I have had to cancel my credit card so they stop renewing this phantom subscription. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM! I even got so desperate as to reach out to the head of HR on LinkedIn with a private message with no response. This is a sad excuse for a company.

EG  December 2015:  Do not sign up for reoccurring orders or expect customer support. They do not answer emails, answer or return phone calls, or answer Facebook messages. The password on my account was changed without my knowledge. I emailed over and over and called. I was placed on hold for over an hour once and left messages that were never returned on several other occasions. I was not able to get a password reset and have not been able to get in to cancel a recurring order/membership. I have been trying to contact someone with the company for 3 weeks. If you want plexus products, order via amazon or another retail dealer. DO NOT order or sign up on the Plexus website.

TA  December 2015:  I have been trying to cancel my account with this company for 3 months now. I have emailed them five times with no response. I have been on hold multiple times for more than an hour but had to hang up because no one answered. There customer service is horrible. I still cant get in touch and have cancelled my credit card so I wouldn't get the product anymore only for them to find my new card and charge me for a product I don't want anymore.

AN  December 2015:  Bad customer service. Tried several times over the last 2 months to reach them by phone; recording says "high call volume, can't take your call, call back later, email us..." then hangs up on you. I emailed them over a month ago to cancel my monthly autoship order and they still tried to send it again. Good thing my credit card expired so they can't charge me anymore!

DE  December 2015: I signed up to receive an auto shipment of Plexus ******** It is explained that you only need to purchase 3 months and then you can "simply" contact the company to have your Auto ship cancelled either by phone or email or by logging into your account. in October, I tried to log into my account and the system was completely changed. I couldn't log in. I sent an email and waited for a response. I never got one. I have since sent at least 7 emails to cancel my auto ship and as of December 3rd have never heard back form them and I received another auto shipment this month. I called them and was on hold for over an hour and no one ever answered. I feel like this company is a fraud. In order to have my auto ship canceled I am being forced to cancel my credit card and have a new one issued so they do not have access to it. Beware when using this company.

EE  November 2015:  I am having an aweful time with this company! Called them numerous times and have been on hold for over an answer. Emailed many answer. Canceled, no response. Reported them to my credit card and had to stop payment. THey tried four times to get my money, then changed there number somehow and got it to charge my account. I have been so stressed over all this. I have all emails and phone call attemps on record. Talked to Discover card for 30 minutes to put another stop on this. Now I looked on the BBB site and see I'm not the only one with the same issues. HORRIBLE customer service!

Patrick  November 2015:  had set up a month order to be billed to my credit card. On 9/30/15 I sent them an email stating that I wanted to cancel my monthly order. I received the confirmation email stating that it had been canceled and my payment information had been removed from their system. On 10/28/15 I received an email stating my new order had been shipped. I have tried to contact them via email in the past week and still have not got a response to any of them. I wonder how could they bill my credit card if my information had been removed from the system.

Tara P  November 2015:  **Plexus raves about its 60-day money-back guarantee, but don't plan on getting your refund easily.** I used Plexus Slim for 30 days until I was advised by my doctor to stop taking it due to heart palpitations that began after using Slim. I cancelled my auto-ship order, and emailed customer service for a refund, as I was instructed to do by my ambassador. I knew I would need to return my second shipment. (It had already been sent at the time I stopped using the product) My ambassador informed me that customer service should respond to my email within 72 hours. I received an automated reply immediately with information to log in to the Plexus back office, which allowed me to view the status of my refund request ticket. I had not received a response in 10 days, so I sent another email. Two weeks after my initial request, I called customer service. I waited on hold for 45 minutes before I was able to speak to a representative. I asked for a refund, and the representative gave me instructions for returning my unused portion for a refund, but did not offer to refund the cost of my original order. I had to specifically request a refund for my first shipment. Even then, the rep seemed confused until I asked about the 60-day money back guarantee. Before you buy this product, understand that their money-back guarantee will require work on your part. They did eventually take care of it, but it was a hassle for me. This is bad business, especially for a product that costs $85 for a 30-day supply.

Michelle  October 2015:  This is a horrible company they charge you and your product never ships, then tou get the wrong items when you have been a preferred customers for months . A lot of my friends are having the same issues . I cannot even get through to cancel on their customer service line. 10 emails later still no response . As well as waiting hours on hold to get through to customer service . I think this company is out of business or a scam and I had to dispute charges with my bank and get them to cancel any future charges since I cannot get response from plexus. Do not use this product unless you want to give away your money to a fraud company .

Sarah October 2015:  I started/signed up for plexus on 9/30. I tried their products and it made me sick. So I called to cancel being ambassador and from getting any other orders sent to me. Then on 10/26 they charged my card again for a order I didn't want and I didn't place with them. I have tried to call them that day and thevening phone number for them kept hung up on me because they wasn't able to take my call at that time. I have emailed them at the email that they said to email to get a refund. It sent me a automatic message and said that it signed me up for a ticket. I haven't heard back from them yet. I am so tired of this business.

One Ticked Off Customer  October 2015:  First off, plexus has a bunch of people who DO NOT know diddly squat about the company. I signed up for 34.95$ as an ambassador, I signed up under someone who had an ad saying they would reimburse $30 that day for signing up, so I took advantage of that. Then AFTER I sign up, the ladies didn't want to pay me because I didn't order a welcome pack (I wasn't informed it was a one time option). I signed up to get the deal and then when I could afford products I was going to buy products. I was told my back up order was OFF! And I was told I would be receiving a starter kit. Two weeks later, no starter kit and I find out I don't get that either because I didn't order a welcome pack. So by now I'm upset and don't even want products. I signed a family member up who was lied to about caffeine being in the products and wanted her money back. Then we were both informed the 60 day money back guarantee doesn't apply to ambassadors. We were lied to abiut that too! I have all messages to prove it. Then I'll be dammed of the next day my account isn't charged got 119$ for my BACKUP ORDER THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE OFF! that's around the time when this back office crap was being fixed and changed and you couldn't get ahold.of anyone. I received my products October 1st and REFUSED THEM, then I called the 2nd and asked for my refund. I was told it'd take up to 30 days! I never got a confirmation, so I've been calling to get that and find out what's going on with my refund for the past 4 days!!!!!!! I sat on hold a total of an hour and a half on 3 occasions and no one ever answered, as a matter a fact I waited so long that the line asks to enter.some number and hangs up on you. These.last two days I've been calling the recorded thing says there are NO customer service reps to help at this time. I am at a loss for words and at a loss of what to do!! I am stressed and sick and tired of dealing with "plexus" not only will I not recommend this company to anyone I will TRASH TALK IT FOR AS LONG AS I'M ALIVE!!!!!!!

FOR EIGHT MONTHS this is how the company responded to the complaints above:

More Complaints prior to 2015:

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